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The Play Spaces

Doggy Daycare for large and small.

A place where your dog can play the day away! Our doggy daycare facilities boast sprawling green space, multi-tier play parks, fence bark bubbles, protected patios and warm relaxing indoor daycare rooms with nap cots. We have spaces for dogs of all activity and sizes!  Big or small, we welcome them all!


Quick Enrollment Links

Daycare is open Monday-Saturday, 7:00am-6:00pm


Tours and Trials

Facilitating safe play and socialization is one of our topmost care concerns. By onboarding new doggy guests with a property tour and mandatory trial day for daycare enrollment, we strive to ensure each new pup is a good fit for our established social group. We work closely with each dog to ensure he or she is comfortable to set them up with the confidence they need for doggy daycare success!


Pricing and Packages

We offer a variety of packages as well as full or half day care a-la-carte pricing!


Daycare is open Monday through Saturday, from 7:00am to 6:00pm.


Half-days are play sessions 5 hour or less, available any time of day.

Our Play Service Menu

Full Day of Daycare (over 5 hours)
- $40.00
Full day with boarding
- $25.00

Half Day of Daycare (5 hours or less)
- $30.00
Half day with boarding
- $20.00

Book a Daycare Package:

20 Day Package - $450.00
 ($350.00 savings!)
10 Day Package $295.00
 ($105.00 savings!)
5 Day Package - $165.00
           ($35.00 savings!)


Doggy Daycare Enrollment Steps

Vaccines, facility tours and trial days.


Create a client profile

Create a personal profile for you and your pups, manage your account, request bookings and more at our new customer portal! Tap Join Now to get started. You can also download the Gingr for Pet Parents app  from the Apple App Store or Google Play!

To link to our services use invite code 592150

Book a tour

Come walk the grounds your dogs will love to play and stay at! A Dogwoods associate is ready to answer all of your questions or address any unique care concerns your pet requires for a safe and stimulating play day. Contact us today to book a guided tour!

Schedule your dog's first trial day

Once we've completed the steps above, it's time to schedule your pup's first play day! Our pet hospitality associates at front desk work with the site manager to plan a day your dog can be monitored and introduced to their new daycare friends! Extra care is taken for proper introductions and to ensure every dog that plays or stays is safely socialized. Contact front desk here to set up your trial day!

The first and most important step to begin your reservation for any of our services is to ensure your dog's vaccines are up to date! Please check your current vaccine records to our care protocol:

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