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Whether your pet needs a quick shampoo, begs for a pawdicure or needs to be rid of pesky fleas, Dogwoods calm and stress free environment offers an array of grooming services.

Our signature “Going Home” bath: 
Most boarding customers request our “Go Home Fresh” spruce-up service for their pets to make sure that first welcome home hug is memorable. If you don’t board with us, you can receive the same signature bath “a la carte”.

Clean up Bath – Dog size and coat dependent

  • Sm – 25.00

  • Med- 30.00

  • Large – 35.00

  • Giant 40.00

Self Baths: $15.00
Dogwoods has three deep tubs available for self service, if you would like to give your buddy some extra clean love.

Pawdicures: $10.00
Keeping your canine buddies nails trimmed is essential. We will make this quick and easy and keep those paws in perfect shape.

Sanitary Clips and Breed Clips: Breed specific pricing, please call us.

If its a quick trim, complete shave, or a new “doo” for your furry family member, we are here for you.

Shampoo Choices
(Where every Dogwoods grooming experience starts!)
Best Shot Shampoo: Great for de-shedding.
Nootie Shampoo: Smells great, and is easy on the skin and coat.
Top Performance Oatmeal Shampoo: Helps relieve dry, irritated skin with a soothing combination of Natural Oatmeal, Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera.
Hypoallergenic Shampoo

Make an appointment today! A free consultation starts every visit, so you can discuss the personal grooming and styling needs of your pet with an expert. Our friendly and talented groomers – along with our focus on health, happiness, and individual attention – will keep you coming back.

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