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The Hotel

Signature Standard Kennels, The Pines,
Private Plush Suites

Take the tension out of your travel plans!

We know just how much you love your dog, and how important it is to prioritize their comfort when life gets busy. When you entrust your furry friend to us at Dogwoods, we treat them with all the love and kindness we would want for our own pups!


Cleanliness, comfort and care are the cornerstones of the Dogwoods Hotel. Our accommodations are nestled in a wonderful wooded area, with indoor and outdoor play spaces.

We offer community kennel boarding for the socialite doggo, as well as private plush suites for the pampered pup.


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Our canine clients begin their mornings out in the play pavilion, a sprawling courtyard for some social enrichment with other like-tempered guests. Breakfast is served in-room, followed by a brunch time play romp with their newfound friends, enriched with toys and activities alongside a Dogwoods associate.

The afternoon offers some much-needed quiet time for a quick snooze in-room, before the evening activities and play kicks off! Your pup will finish their evening with dinner service to their room, as well as some well-earned treats and optional additional cuddle time!

Check-in 2:00pm-6:00pm | Check-out 7:00am-12:00pm |

Any early or late check-in/outs have a $12.00 additional charge.


Standard Kennels &
The Pines

The Dogwoods boarding area offers 18 sparkling fresh rooms complete with privacy screens, ambient music, heated floors and a serene social environment. Courtyard play access as well as optional nature walk add-ons on the nearby trails make our signature standard kennels an affordable and customizable boarding option.

We have expanded and added 13 new kennels in our addition The Pines!  These secured kennels are fantastic for the social pups and provide temperature-controlled space, and courtyard access.

4x6' room space

Stainless steel and tile walls

Semi-Social Privacy

Courtyard Access


Private Plush Suites

Let your pup lavish in the lap of luxury in one of our 6 premium suite rooms! These private "bedrooms" are tucked away in a separate space from the standard social kennels.  These rooms boast upgraded interior design, sturdy and stylish wood-finished laminate heated flooring, and ambient lighting.

The doors are protected with vinyl privacy screens and

The Plush kennels are often reserved quickly, so be sure to reserve these in advance!  

6x9' room space

Wood-finish laminate floors 

Relaxing sequestered area

Courtyard Access

Complementary Brunch

Evening Frozen Kong Treat


Room & Services Menu

Standard Kennel Accommodations - $44.00/night
$28 for each additional dog

Private Plush Suite Accommodations - $64.00/night
$48 for each additional dog

Reservation Upgrades

Customize your booking to fit your furry family needs with our array of add-ons!

Room Service Options -
Mid-morning Brunch $5.00
Frozen Kong Treat $4.00

Activity & Attention Accommodations -
Wild Trails Nature Walk $12.00
Personalized 1:1 Playtime $12.00

Cuddle Focus $10.00

Included in every reservation, our daily routine centers around overall wellness for your furry friend through nutrition, activity and social stimulation! Daily Boarding Schedule: + Morning Courtyard Stretch + Room-serviced Breakfast + Outdoor Courtyard Playtime +Mid-morning Nap Time + Afternoon Courtyard Play + Rest + Room-serviced Dinner + Last Potty Break + Tuck-in Time for Bed

Dogwoods Dining Menu: - Mid-morning Brunch $5.00 (descrip) - Frozen Kong Treat $4.00 (descrip) - Birthday Bundle (coming soon)

Exercise and Cuddle Additions: - Wild Trails Nature Walk $12.00 Your dog will feel the call of the wild on our serene green trails lining the property! Perfect for the curious pup or active working dog, this 15 minute walk time with a Dogwoods associate is sure to excite your dog's senses! - Personalized 1:1 Play Time $12.00 Perfect for any pup, our 1:1 play upgrade means a Dogwoods associate will spend time with your dog solo in focused playtime using toys and activites customized to your dog's unique energy levels. - Cuddle Focus $10.00 Our favorite addon! 15 minutes of snuggle time and talk with a loving Dogwoods Associate is sure to shine away homesick anxiety!


Preparing for a Stay

Food, medicines and personal fun items!


The first and most important step to begin your reservation for any of our services is to ensure your dog's vaccines are up to date! Please check your current vaccine records to our care protocol:


Your pup will enjoy their room-serviced meals of our house kibble, unless there are special dietary needs specified. If your dog eats a set diet please bring some kibble along on your check-in!  Please also provide us with measurements (i.e. Your pup gets 3 cups/day).

If you prefer to have us feed them our dry kennel kibble, this is a $3/meal cost.


Oral and topical medicines or in-food supplements can be administered to ensure your dog's health and wellness!

There is a $3/per application; $8/dose injectable cost.

Personal Items

Bring your buddy's favorite toys, bed or blanket and we will stage their room accordingly to provide maximum comfort. These items are catalogued upon checkin. Upon pickup, your personal items will be washed and fresh to take home!

Checking In

Check-in is 2:00pm-6:00pm

Check-outs from 7:00am-12:00pm

There is a $12 charge for check-ins or check-outs outside of these hours.

We also charge a $10 fee for special needs dogs (i.e. aggressive or geriatric).

When you drop off your pup, please be prepared to spend a few minutes with our crew.  We may ask duplicated questions you've already done online.
Your pup's safety and comfort are our top priority, and we like to double and triple check that we have the right information.
Our friendly staff will escort your pup to their room for their stay!

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